Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Can Make Noises

I can make noises
move things from room to room
I can remember things
jump on the bed like a face
or cover the sidewalk with a towel
where I landed on my breakfast
fit and split open lording over
light in my palms reading ache
away from paper a limp
panic stirs often through these walls
a lot of things to question
my resolve on a t-shirt people
weep or crack up over tragic stuff
it does a number on us all
with time slipping by it's February
already my hands are chapped
what's happening in Paris
tonight or London is there a beach
somewhere right now I'll never
see that either I know this desk
like a country on the back of my hand
worn where my wrists rubbed
down to the wood with these words
it won't be okay it will be okay
and so on to infinity people just want
to be held sometimes by the neck.


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