Saturday, December 05, 2009

Top Ten Saturday (So Far)

1) Getting my hair cut at FSC-Barber (my usual place) on Horatio Street in the West Village and having my barber council me on break-ups and grief and what to do tonight. "Go out to a club!" He suggested enthusiastically. Um, no.

2) Rain in Manhattan is just dirtier and sadder than rain in Brooklyn. Go out there and see for yourself.

3) Retail therapy is kind of silly when rent is due, but it was fun looking around in Barney's Co-Op and Rogan.

4) The letters of Seneca are moderately soothing to read on the 2nd Avenue F train platform.

5) When a wave of griefy-panic hits you, just give in to it like a wave hit you and let the bottom of the ocean scrape your body.

6) Elizabeth's text.

7) Isa's text.

8) When your phone vibrates no amount of wishing will make the name you really want to appear on caller i.d. actually be there. Things just don't work that way--most of the time. But go ahead and do it again anyway because you're psychic and you have special psychic powers that can make things like that happen, you'll see.

9) Bob Dylan's "If You See Her Say Hello." Best love song, ever. Listen.

10) Looking forward to seeing Bad Lieutenant with a friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always love your lists, even the sad ones. xo

3:34 PM  

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