Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Morning Top 10

1) Julianna Barwick at Oasis Gallery. The sound was amazing and the songs transported me to the appropriate place. More later (and photos).

2) The Tanners by Robert Walser -- I purchased it tonight at Spoonbill and Sugartown on good old Bedford Ave, which is looking very nostalgic.

3) Laura looking very tailored and elegant playing the tailored and elegant woman of a certain age. Comfortably spiffy.

4) At the Metropolitan Ave. G stop: Red lipstick on a bright yellow phone. For real.

5) Sushi in Williamsburg on N. 6th Street. I had my last dinner with Henry Flesh there during the Spring of 2003?

6) How talented and genuinely sweet Julianna Barwick is.

7) All I know is that it hurts more than all the commercials about pain that have ever been made.

8) You want to mythologize it, make a story of it, but you just can't.

9) The cold became a demon tonight and shaved my legs with an icy scalpel.

10) My hands are so dry that it feels like a natural oil has been drawn from them and now I'm all ash and flakes from typing this. I clap my hands and people cough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

better not cry 'cause santa claus is coming to

11:35 AM  

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