Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Number One

Some impressive stuff is happening in Brooklyn.

Some latent summer gist is making things complicated.

The more you look at it the better it gets at going away.

I'm starting to leave off where I spoke about the return I'd be making.

In an effort to understand you I built a little puppet stage and made a puppet and called the puppet Todd and explained what you meant to my students in a theatrically deep voice.

All-in-all the blues are pretty good.

My algebra skills have evaporated entirely.

Sometimes I wonder what I can do to make the people around me feel better about being who they are.

My sleep patterns are a cause of concern for several people in this world.

In an effort to lose the contingency of irony there will be no bank shots or snooping around the loose ends that just don't add up.

Taking up knitting is not an option for me at this juncture.

Standing on the world and it still doesn't look right.

This makes sense in a logical way.

How is your day going?


Blogger VicoLetter said...

the day is winding down

maybe no knitting
but how about pearling?
let those algeraic skills evaporate
figure them out later
in more ethereal realms

sleepy here...
but a nest on this desk
perched on an El Pato salsa can

time to climb in and nap awhile

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Jake Mooney said...

My contributions to this poem make me feel better about being who I am.

12:07 AM  

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