Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Just Trying to Lay Down the Ground Rules Before We Make Another Mistake and Waste a Bunch of Ink

There will always be someone
nearby to tell you you're making a mistake
that you fucked up the subway poster
by tagging it with a sharpie
leaning on the car gets you yelled
at by the dude who happens to own the car
spaced out on the train with a crowd
of people all zoned-out in their own
i-pod videos in which I am only
an extra sent lurching out of their scene
at 14th street the world howls
unexpectedly though I expected it
and even braced myself for it
time is moving too fast I don't even
have time to tape a ticket into
the back of my journal before another
day brings a receipt for something
that will make me sad when I think
of the joy of that day years from now
instant nostalgia is a drag and I'm
lonesome for no one waiting
for everyone so please be polite
to me if you see me I enjoy kissing.


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