Thursday, April 09, 2009

Chewing on the Fleshy Part of a Partner's Elbow

That is, rubbing her palms together over
a pair of pants in order to warm the air
into a squall. Then a dance
because dancing & going away
are said to work like narcotics work.
Back then - or she said it worked back then - so
there were sparkles in the air
when she pulled the cotton from her mouth
it wasn't raining it was great
and painful, right people? Yes,
it was the reminder in the anatomy book
that we all have a skull attached to our spine
so walking around with that knowledge
was a goddamn vivid reminder of the bulbous fear
of losing control of one's body and of that body
leaping from a building or trudging up the stairs
bumping into others to feel close there
are so many things a body will do to feel
close - that spine is a column
and information is traveling up and down it.
I just don't know what the fuck to do
with all of this information so
I'm chewing on the fleshy part
a partner's elbow, you know,
that sort of thing.


Blogger joanna said...

I like this a lot.

2:53 PM  

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