Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Jet Streams

The countless jet streams
in the brisk winter sky indicate that
they are trying to manipulate the weather
and who they are just so happens to be
the best looking motherfuckers in the entire valley.
While you're in the shower stuff gets
moved around milk gets sipped toothbrushes
are used to apply wax to mustaches apples
are rubbed on bony crotches--you know, that sort of stuff.
Salt pellets don't melt ice they get in between
my toes and conduct electricity into friends
everyone is mad at me all the time now which means
it's time to run away and start over in another city
the same mistakes will follow me
but at least I can buy some time
to investigate other modes of transformation
like glitter and pens and other fun things like that.
A building in Paris has your name
carved into it but no one notices
a poet that's still breathing. You've got to badmouth
the template before the blinds fling up
and the world stutters in slow motion
right before you're fried. If only it were you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"no one notices a poet that's still breathing."

so true and so sad.

I'm rocking with you mr. colby, I'm rocking with you.

5:17 PM  

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