Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mash the Gas (Tonight's Program)

In my program tonight
I'll be dancing to the music
of real sad shit my hands will be wrapped
in cheesecloth and sea salt
to signify mourning
you will be asked to taste them
do lot leave your brain in the truck
heavy metal kids will talk trash
the room will smell like burning rubber
then sandalwood then sex
I'll take a moment to think
of your backyard and your garage
then I'll extract fur from the stairs
high winds will blow fragile gold
down Baltic Street
the holy grounds will merge
with the petals in tonight's
program the point is not happiness
but persistence you will get old
you will fall apart but you will look good
in the turbulent way that venom is chaotic in the heart
at the end of the program you will forgive
yourself for the indiscretions of your youth
you will be asked to applaud mildly
your body will spend Christmas with someone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of this must belong on a tree, I mean it'll go on actual paper, no?... at any rate--venom in the heart -- chaotic!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Yes this does belong on a tree--just as soon as a press wants it and kills one just for my book of poems yet to be named or to have found a publisher--but it's done and ready for tree!

Venom is soooo chaotic.


10:27 PM  

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