Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mustang in the Yogurt

1) I have a machine in my throat that gets into people's ears and effects them.

2) Verbs from a cold mountain.

3) I liked certain things and then I wanted to own them. Isn't that what got me in trouble?

4) Most people can feel the supraorbital notch below their eyebrows.

5) Have him no longer get any information from a familiar face.

6) Peels off into a parfait sunset.

7) The heat transfer years: You are a never ending cascade of dreams, hopes and ideas.

8) An impressively hirsute face behind zingers.

9) Fact: Whatever comes from the woods is standing outside the shower while you wash your face.

10) Eagle meat cooking in my own body fat.

11) Inchoate.

12) Cloud formations are actually bacterial dispersal vehicles. Microbes have been found in abundance in clouds.

13) Sky Purell.

14) The selected meter of autism.

15) Eros in a spray bottle can be purchased online.

16) I come to you in peace with the smell of factory on my arms.

17) If you put a towel over a ruler it won't leave welts on the person next to you on the train with his legs spread wide.

18) This is a pile of pants. An expression of displeasure.

19) "Have you ever done any acting?" Her father asked me.

20) There's a mustang in the yogurt.


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