Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Morning Poem

I could have you, need you, break with you,
I could spend hours with you eating pieces
of you and making the world change
with you, be humble with you
and then cradle you whole, eating
from you as the birds eat crusts of bread
around you wanting to eat from you too.
Early riser, mouth full of light,
the sweet way the world burns--
Oh nest of pureness--
Oh love of the desire
to be desired.
The whole world is moving
through your hips and palms
while my carcass is numbed and slammed
speaking with warm detergent air
the bleach decay of fabric
sterilized by your stillness
soothing as hair on the back
of a cambered head.


Anonymous L said...

even more lovely than i

6:16 PM  

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