Sunday, September 21, 2008

Modes of Humility

You might want to get over your feelings of anxiety by buying some shit from people that look sad about what they gave up to sell shit to people like you. If your awareness of this situation adds to your anxiety then you should watch some television and wait until you see a commercial for a medicine describing your condition and then seek out that medicine even if it causes chaos of the mind.

There is always going to be someone whispering something in a coded language that you don’t quite understand. They may be talking about the feeling that things are collapsing, or that you make them feel uncomfortable, or that the world has gone bananas. Well you know what? That’s their job.

When some people become anxious they feel the need to be photographed or filmed. That's why certain people clear brush or wave when they exit an airplane. It's all about the hazards of thinking you don't really exist unless your existence is documented in a manner befitting a person of that caliber. Here’s a project for you the next time you feel upset about something in the news: practice signing your name in a large loopy scrawl so that when the people ask for your autograph you'll be ready. You should always be ready to do what you can for the people.

Let me suggest that you should shed your romantic tendencies. I already know what you’re thinking—so just consider this: fantasy escapes no one-- people are getting dead every single day because of fantasies. And here’s the real creamy center: There has never been a romantic movement among mathematicians.

Let me put it country simple: Lack of fear leads to injury, and injury leads to romanticism, and that's just one way of saying there's nothing like a bone poking out from your shin to bring things into focus.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

This is amazing. As I approached the last paragraph I knew it was going to hurt real bad and yes, it did.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous kimberly said...

simply brilliant

3:10 PM  

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