Friday, June 27, 2008

Poem for Mind Readers

He disrespected me
in his mind
then there was
the matter of
reading his mind
he didn't know that
I knew how
which made conversation
irrelevant but tricky
to not show anticipation
to acknowledge everything
he said as new
this felt confining
artificial theatrical
so I pretended
not to hear him
carried a radio
with me lived near
the highway
and just sort of stared
blankly when he spoke
it's worked so far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People are learning about the highway trick causing increases in property value near them. This is bad for you and me.
I will be at lake placid, on foot as you are on bike and on bike as you are on foot. I sometimes feel out of step with the world; you know?
Please rock on.

John W. Hirsch Esq.

Ps DId you see amy r is famous, she was in the NYT.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Hey John!

I'll be looking forward to seeing you out on the course! It's always a pleasure having a pro (and punk!) shout words of encouragement.

I saw Amy in the NYT. She's in good hands with you. Perhaps this next year I may enlist a coach too...YOU!

See you soon,

7:47 PM  

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