Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Master of Air

You've got to think in terms of poor sleep quality
and how it impinges upon your ability to play air
in the meeting you call to order watch this
standing up and does it look real? That's what
you've got to ask yourself if you're sacrificing
your ability to look authentic playing air
we're not entirely convinced that you are losing
yourself in the strokes of air that
you called the meeting together to explain
your idea about solidifying air and this
would eliminate the need for cots
or hammocks that we could rest anywhere
lay down in midair but your air
would be thick and heavy and we all know
you can't text a message to a cohort
in solid air in the middle of a conversation
any more than you can ride a bike through a wall.
We're pulling for you to pull through, to get some rest,
to play more convincingly so that we can lose
ourselves in your mastery of air.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Improved sleep quality=less dilusion, more insight. Thick and heavy like clotted creamy heartlines. Wanting to play more convincingly and cyclic, yet under the rolling rubber of big, big wheels. The stars are so bright in the greasy gutter....

10:25 PM  

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