Wednesday, February 20, 2008


1) A maximum flow. Like fame is gorgeous. Like a landscape or a medicine--the feeling being gorgeous.

2) But you have to allow for insecure areas. Where a door is broken from it's hinges or some kids smoking in the upstairs room burn the whole fucking place to the ground.

3) Some would equate this idea with lapping say or neutering--a funnel.

4) Hearing him say drunken--but adding--with sorrow.

5) The art of understanding that everyone is only here to talk about themselves. That they can barely wait to get an edge in wordwise--to illuminate the pedestal they built from shit they found on the way to you.

6) In an effort to show concern in his face while listening to people talk about their fame he stood in a mirror and feigned concern until his face froze that way. His concern is no longer an effort. He eases into it as easily as his penis slips into his hand.

7) You might equate sorrow with genuine things--so that helps distill the idea of being genuine in the minds of those concerned about authenticity.

8) You can watch yourself be sad if the mirrors are positioned in such a way that you are constantly observing yourself in a moment of surprise.

9) There might be an angle you've never seen yourself from before. You might want to check online for that kind of mirror that allows you to get a new angle on your jawline or hair.

10) There is a resting place and you will know about it while you watch yourself in one of the cameras. It is off to one side making your breathing shallow and lonesome--but don't worry--you're being watched.


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