Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Skin Ring Tone

I get a feeling the phone rings under my skin
when people say that people don't interest them
I think HOW while the ringing comes in loud & clear
in my body two layers of plastic inside scrape
against my heart I have to explain this
to someone in Hong Kong making sunglasses
that will later be sold in Target as POLARIZED
but let's get back to my skin ring tone:
the electricity is amazing when I hear the bells of your not
wanting the least thing to do with people
all around you I pick up the phone
if I wanted to give you my heart
literally pull it from my chest
and cook it in a hot pan I couldn't
because that's just some
fucked up shit
now go back to your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have your skin ring tone on vibrate. For an extra dollar you could get a cool song. Mine is a band called drunk boat. My skin now plays punk when it rings (unless I too set it on vibrate).

I am now going back to my life.

With Warm Wishes,

John W. Hirsch Esq.
Board Of Directors Of The Human Society Of New-New Jersey

8:23 PM  

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