Friday, August 17, 2007

Marginal Lives

Here's how to relax
by soothing
your marginal life
and get your eyes
to stop rolling in the back
of your head: A seminar!
Press on your chest "breathe!"
I am trying to save your
life with my seminar
on dramatic
life saving techniques.
It's standard
life saving material
putting us into
the position of
"responsibility" or "guest boss."
You don't even have to say
"save me" because we
know you need to be saved
just by observing you
through our hidden cameras.
I'm writing this from a mobile unit
while I observe you.
A question for you:
Can you get better
everyday at soothing
the buyer?
Another question:
would you scoot over
a bit for a new product
that we would like to
display where you
are standing? We'd like
you to sell it for us--we'll
teach you how. We talk
like this all the time
because we can
do things for you
if you let us.
We think we are
sure of this.


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