Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This poem is for in case it all starts to mean more than we can make it mean

It’s going to be okay.
From here on out it’s all going to be fresh and green.
It’s going to be open air and vast spaces.
There will be no more dirty things.
There will be no more garbage.
There’s only going to be you
And your immediate family
Creating a little bit of garbage
But a whole lot of medicinal bread.
And you’ll be able to sustain
Yourself in the woods on the bread.
You and your family
Will sustain yourselves
In the woods
Like pioneers
chowing down on medicinal bread
and you’ll feel good about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct, Uncle T, it is going to be a-ok. Thank you for bringing always bringing love and joy into a selfless, pathetic world.

May the JT crash and burn with its unrealistic pipedreams.

Remember to always love yourself above all.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called you a "fucking hippy" on my site a few posts ago, but I didn't mean it, I was just trying to be funny. although all this talk about bread,woods,open space, it makes people wonder ya know; oh wait, your mocking them, kind of, sort of, or maybe.


7:29 AM  

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