Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some Facts About Desire

Open every session by asking
the client what they know about desire.
Tell clients that desire is an interesting animal.
Give them the facts.
Desire uses feet just like clients use their hands.
Desire enjoys insects and eggs and other symptoms.
If you measured desire it would go through the trash cans.
Desire doesn't sleep during the day
because it has sharp claws and teeth.
Have you ever seen desire with paws?
Would you like to keep desire as a pet
in your Brooklyn apartment with your cats?
What would you feed it?
You need: crayons, markers, scissors, glue, old syrup,
brown paper lunch bags, glitter, tissue paper, ginger,
bus driver, yarn, wind chill and cotton balls.

Using cotton balls, ginger, old syrup and glitter,
reproduce a desire fur pattern once for each client.

Help each client glue a brown paper lunch bag to the front of their body.

Encourage clients to create their own looks with the bus driver.

Place the lunch bag on the client's ribs and do a crayon
rubbing so the outline of the client's ribs appear on the bag.
Hold the bag up to the client's face and say "good desire."

Many clients like to talk about their life --
it will look and sound like this: "blah blah blah."
It is a form of distraction indicating an addiction
to pain relief of some sort.
Invite clients to recover from codeine palsy.

Though desire cannot be photographed
tell the client that you have a special camera
that is able to capture desire on film.
Staple a polaroid photograph of "desire"
to each client's face (it could be a photo
of ginger or yarn or the bus driver -- the
client won't be able to see it).

At the end of each session tell the client:
I have no other gift for you the receiver.


Desire and that is just not confusing.



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