Friday, September 15, 2006

A Pink Golf Shirt Pulled Over The Moon

1) You can carry the moon that way.

2) He's twisting tissues and sticking them up his nose.

3) What do you make of that?

4) Have you found a new way of waving yet, or of motioning a waiter over to your table with a check?

5) Are you feeling the sidewalk through the thin soles of your shoes?

6) No sense, no purpose, no destiny, no fate, adrift.

7) Give yourself over to the creamy blue light until a tart ray of sun pierces your skin.

8) Cancer is metallic blue.

9) It's a healing song for America.

10) Funny it doesn't work for everyone.

11) Toasted almond ginger mix.

12) You'll walk or slide; you've got all the time in the world.

13) You think it's fabulous and I'm with you.

14) You will come out, pair off, and wander away again.


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